About us

Hi! We are Mediterranean Bike Tours´ team (MBT)

Passionate by nature, addicted to bikes and in love with the Valencian Community. We are Mediterranean Bike Tours´ team and we are waiting for you to live an authentic adventure on two wheels.



My challenge is to show people in a fun, healthy and respectful way how wonderful it is to discover the Mediterranean, our Mediterranean. By doing this I´m also helping to revitalize those forgotten villages from the interior. All my life I´ve done what I had to do, now I´m doing what I love.


Booking and users´ experience

The responsible for the travellers’ happiness in Mediterranean Bike Tours. I design the packages, manage the bookings, welcome and say goodbye to travellers. All my efforts are devoted to one purpose: offer our travellers a happy experience.


Bikers´ School Coordinator

A born sportswoman. I make my passion my profession. I love to share, especially with children, all emotions and joys we can get from nature and physical activity. I give children the tools that will help them to choose the best path towards a future of wellness and fun.


Social Media Manager

I have a degree in Tourism. I´m the link between you and MBT through social media. My passion is communication and travelling. This together with my creative ability, professional experience and you, we will make a great team. Do you join us?


Communication Department

I have a degree in Information Sciences. I´m responsible for the coordination of the Media Plan and Marketing of this great project. I want to contribute with my experience of more than 15 years in different Media departments by showing to the world this amazing project.

How did we get here?


Why not something different?

The idea of dynamising forgotten places with cycling tours was born. We began studying possible partnerships with some companies.

October 2016

Get moving

We decided not to open a franchise but create our own product, different in all aspects and only in the Valencian Community. Ready, steady, go!

January 2017


We participated in Inva.tur, a project designed and promoted by the Agència Valenciana del Turisme in order to support, promote and facilitate entrepreneurism and the set up of competitive companies from the tourism field in the Valencian Community.

February 2017

Our brand is born

We launched Mediterranean Bike Tours brand and all its graphic image together with our friends from Artilet.

Abril – August 2017

Ready to work

We were selected as an innovative project based on technology. Now we are part of this programme and we work with Instituto Valenciano de Estudios Turísticos. Our partnership with YADEMAS allows us to implant the methodology Design Thinking, Service Design and Lean Startup.

September 2017

The team grows

Manu joined the team for the project management. We attended Focus Pyme and phase 1 of the methodology begins: empathy.

October 2017

A reference in the area

Since Madrid´s Unibike we are now part of the Creaturisme working group together with the AVT (Valencian Tourism Agency). We started the process of being a Travel Agency.

November 2017

The team keeps growing

Raquel, Lucia and Almu joined the team. We launched our first web presentation and we gathered bike lovers´.

June 2018

Launching of Mediterranean Bike Tours

We opened our headquarters in Torres-Torres and launched our website so that cyclists can book their routes online. This Summer is full of enthusiasm, learning and exciting work.

Now that you already know us, what about if we know you?

Live an adventure on the Mediterranean with Mediterranean Bike Tours!