Enduroland MTB TOP in 5 stages

Tailor made: a bike tour of 5 stages in 5 nights and 6 days.

  • Duration: 6 days, 5 nights and 5 stages
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Total distance: 100 Km approx.
  • Slope: +4.500 approx

Pure Mountain Bike

What is Enduroland MBT?

It’s the brand of the MTB center in charge of the management, promotion and maintenance of the trails for the practice of MTB enduro in Alto Mijares region in Castellón and Teruel. The model is similar to other centers’ models but in this case it is a private company that joins the town councils and tourist establishments of the area so that together they manage the MTB routes.

The use of bicycles on the trails has an impact on them. Therefore, it is crucial to keep them in good conditions in order to

reduce erosion, increase enjoyment and achieve the sustainability of the routes.

These trails were used by our ancestors when roads did not exist. We have recovered them and give them a renewed use in order to preserve the heritage that should never have been abandoned.

Characteristics of the route: tailor-made

  • Duration: 6 days, 5 nights and 5 stages
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Total distance: 100 Km approx.
  • Slope: +4.500 approx.
  • Start: Puebla de Arenoso
  • End: Valencia

Itinerary by days

  • Day 1: Check-in and briefing in Puebla de Arenoso.
  • Day 2: Stage 1 (in the morning) Grana- Morrón-Olba(24 km).
    Stage 2 (in the afternoon) Olba-Puebla(8 Km).
  • Day 3: Stage 3 Cantón-Viso (30 Km).
  • Day 4: Stage 4 (in the morning) Almorochos-Peñarroya (25 Km).
    Stage 5 (in the afternoon) Fuentes-Puebla (10 Km).
  • Day5: Relax/Active in Montanejos.
  • Day 6: Check-out and farewell.

Optional: add an extra night to rest at the end of your route and return home the next day.

The route includes

Services included in the purchase price of a standard ticket:

  • Rutometer/Map (track).
  • Liability insurance.
  • Accident insurance.
  • Helmet.
  • Accommodation and breakfasts at 3*or 4* hotels.
  • Luggage transfer from lodging to lodging.
  • Mechanical assistance (only in serious cases) from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Telephone assistance 24/7.
  • Route’s briefing.

Optional services not included

These services aren't included in the purchase price of a standard ticket but you can add them when filling the booking form:

  • Pick up in case of not finishing the route.
  • Mechanical assistance.
  • Electric bike rental (e-Bike)
  • Conventional bicycle rental
  • GPS
  • Additional night at the end of the route –breakfast included
  • Single supplement – breakfast included
  • Group’s transfer to the starting point
  • In-person guide


  • Starting time stage 1: 9:00 AM
  • Helmet, comfortable and reflective clothing, sun glasses, water bottle, energy bar, sunscreen, small backpack, gloves… Have you forgotten? Don’t worry, we have them.
  • Recommended period to do the route: All year

Description of the stages

Each stage corresponds to one cycling day.

Day 1: Relax in Puebla de Arenoso 

We welcome you, take you to Puebla de Arenoso, do the tour’s briefing with a detailed explanation of your experience and deliver you the equipment. 

Puebla de Arenoso is a very quiet town with a pure, authentic rural atmosphere. Besides Abadía Hotel there is also a bar (Bar Puebla) and a small store where we can buy basic products. The town is located in the south of the Enduroland MTB territory just next to the Arenoso Reservoir.  Going up the river by any of its slopes we enter the labyrinth of trails which characterizes this MTB destination.

Day 2 – Stage 1 (in the morning) Grana- Morrón-Olbaand. Stage 2 (in the afternoon) Olba-Puebla 

After gathering strength at breakfast, we will comfortably climb through an asphalt road to gain altitude and shortly get the trails which take us to the La Grana overlook. Then we descend the hill through a zigzagging path that leads us to the abandoned village El Chorrico. There we contemplate the stunning views and then ride to the highest point of the route: El Morrón de Olba which offers magnificent views of almost all the Enduroland MTB territory. Once protected, we descend a long trail known by the locals as “the mother of all trails”: Now is time to ride in direction to Olba where we will eat and rest. Afterwards we go back toPuebla de Arenosothrough a comfortable route till we reach our hotel.

Day 3 – Stage 3 Cantón-Viso

After breakfast we will explore one of the most famous Enduroland MTB routes: Cantón-Viso. This classic route doesn’t disappoint anyone since it has hardness, technical areas, amazing views and different types of trails for the enjoyment of all biker’s profiles.

We leave the Hotel Abadía and descend till we get the bridge. After crossing the reservoir we progressivelyascend to our first summit of the day: El Cantón, a place that invites you to admire the landscape, take pictures and meditate. Then we descend to the dam and afterwards we go up again till we reach El Viso, our second summit. From there we have perfect views of Puebla de Arenosoas well as of the ravine where we find the trail that will take us back to our starting point.

Day 4– Stage 4 (in the morning) Almorochos- Peñarroyaand

Stage 5 (in the afternoon) Fuentes-Puebla

Today it’s time to take it easy. Besides being our third biking day, this route is the one with more elevation gain. `To warm up engines` we will go up till Almorochos to go deep into one of the most emblematic trails and then descend tillMonzona area. From there a long ascent begins to the highest Enduroland MTB point: Peñarroya with 1240m. The views on clear days are almost endless since it’s a rocky vantage point with a large cliff.

The descent will be divided into two parts. In the first one we will stop in Fuentes de Rubielosand taste the dishes of the Rincón de L’Abadía. After lunch starts the second part of the descent which will take us along an enjoyabletrail with all kinds of terrain till we get to the neighborhood Barrio de Los Ibáñez. From there we pleasantly return to our hotel with the satisfaction of having fully enjoyed the trails.

Day 5 – Relax/Active in Montanejos

Today we take you to Montanejos where you can spend the day relaxing in the spa or in the river with mineral-medicinal waters or for those more active, enjoying any activity such as rafting, climbing, canyoning, kayaking, bungee jumping, etc. 

The village has many tourist resources, highlighting the Spa, a thermal center that dates from 1997 and uses the medicinal mineral water of Fuente de los Baños, declared of public utility by Royal Order in 1863. 

Some of the typical dishes that can be enjoyed in Montanejos, depending on the season, are the pot, the stir-fry, the stew, the homemade preserves, the porridge, the sausages and handmade products derived from the slaughter of the pork, the chanterelles and the olive oil.

Day 6 – Valencia Trendy

After breakfast end of the trip. Get in touch with us if you want to spend some extra nights to enjoy Valencia.  

Valencia combines past and modernity. On the one hand, its impressive UNESCO Heritage, its architectural and historical buildings such as the Cathedral of Valencia, Tribunal de lasAguas, la Lonja, Torre de los Serranos, Plaza de Toros de Valencia and Mercado Central. By the other hand modernity reflected in La Ciudad de lasArtes y lasCiencias, an architectural, cultural and entertainment complex designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela. 


  • The routes will be guided by a qualified local technician who knows the surroundings.
  • Escape routes have been planned in case of any incident.
  • The planned routes will be adapted to the profile and level of the users to achieve maximum enjoyment, which implies shortening or lengthening them depending on the level of the bikers.
  • The guide will be the one who decides whether the routes are carried out or not in case of bad weather conditions that may affect the safety of the activity and its participants.
  • Bikers must have a medium understanding of the technique of cycling on trails in order to guarantee the success of the routes.
  • The guide will check if the bicycles are adjusted and in good condition before starting the route.
  • Bikers must dress appropriately (helmet, glasses and gloves are compulsory). They should also carry a backpack with basic spare parts, as well as a hydration membrane or bottle for water.


1.-Drive under control, don’t go beyond your possibilities. Don’t go too fast into blind turns. Try to brakesmoothly and before the turns, not inside them.

2.-Reduce speed when passing other users. If you find yourself face-to-face with them stop, give way and greet them kindly.

3.- Forgetunnecessary skids, they destroy the trails, scare the rest of the users and we have to work harder.

4.-Stay on the limits of the trails, don’ t take shortcuts, cut corners or modify the trails already created. Don’t create new trails.

5.- Don’t ride  a bike immediately after heavy rains, you will ruin the trail and your tire marks will be the beginning of an erosion.

6.- Respect wildlife and plants. After passing through a dooror gatethat was closed, leave it closed again.Don’t scare the cattle or the herds. Don’t litter.

7.- Always wear a helmet and protections when descending. Be always prepared before starting a ride, take water, food, spare parts, a charged mobile and clothes.

8.- Respect private property and its owners.

9 .- Moderate your speed in villages’ urban areas.

10.- Do not circulate on paths indicatedas hunting or drive areas.You can find out them on our website or social networks. Do it before you start a route.

How the booking process works

Info about online payment process.

  1. Fill in the booking form with your reservation data.
  2. Click on “Check availability”. Your reservation will be added to the cart. If you want, you can continue booking other routes. When you finish, click on your shopping cart.
  3. Follow the indicated instructions and click on “Confirmation request”.
  4. A member of MBT will check if all services you are booking are available. Then a confirmation email will be sent to you.
  5. In that email we will provide you with a link to make the payment of 25% of the total. The remaining 75% to be paid on the day your activities start.

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